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20 years in the market of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. And that is just the beginning!

About us

Aquaecology ALC is a private company founded in 2002 in the Republic of Belarus.

Aquaecology LLP
 is a private company founded in 2011 in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Aquaecology LLC is a private company founded in 2019 in the Russian Federation.

Philosophy: achieve the desired results, creating values ​​for others.

Mission: protect the environment by increasing the efficiency of urban and industrial infrastructure.

The scope of our activities: the introduction of resource-saving engineering solutions for industry, energy supply and utilities.


  1. Development of integrated technology solutions and projects:
    • pumping stations, water supply and sewage lines;
    • water treatment facilities;
    • wastewater treatment plants;
    • integrated solutions for the management and disposal of sewage sludge;
    • heat-generating and power-generating facilities using waste energy and local fuels;
    • technological systems for industrial enterprises.
  2. Supply of equipment and materials in the framework of integrated solutions as well as single components, including the installation supervision, supervision of adjusting, customer personnel training on the supplied equipment, service.
  3. Chemicals for industrial enterprises (selection, delivery, service support).
  4. Turnkey projects.
  5. Performing a feasibility study for internal and / or external use.

Aquaecology values: leadership, teamwork, customer focus, ethics, caring for people, mutual respect and trust, create value for others.

Quality management system: Aquaecology ALC is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Our partners: world leading manufacturing companies.

We are experienced in implementation of projects financed by international financial institutions: the World Bank, the EBRD, the John Nurminen Foundation, the EU funds.

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