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20 years in the market of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. And that is just the beginning!


ESCO Corporation (USA) is a manufacturer of metal wear parts and components for industrial applications, including mining, power generation, oil and gas industries, and construction. Since 1913, the company has become part of the Weir Group PLC.

Weir ESCO designs and manufactures a variety of products including earthmoving tools:


  • construction buckets;
  • mining buckets of hydraulic excavators;
  • buckets for wheel loaders;
  • bucket elements with a pre-installed cutting element;
  • adapters, etc.

ESCO Corp. was the first foundry in the world to use argon-oxygen decarburization, an advanced steel cleaning process.

Aquaecology is the official distributor of Weir ESCO on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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