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Circulating water supply systems

We provide the lowest cost of ownership of an engineering solution by performing the following tasks:

  • “turnkey” water recycling units;
  • high-quality integration of recycled water supply units into the technological process and automated process control systems of the enterprise: dry and drip cooling towers;
  • ensuring safe industrial processes: pumping equipment for all types of water;
  • increase of ecological safety, reducing burden on the environment: construction / reconstruction of sewage treatment plants, equipment for wastewater treatment plants wastewater (sewage mechanized grating, conveyors, presses, screw extractors, flush valves, crushers, sludge scrapers, aeration systems, blowers, stations draining of sewage);
  • filtration and disinfection of water: filtration installation, installation of disinfection (UV disinfection, electrolytic installation for the production of 0,8% sodium hypochlorite);
  • water treatment for various technological stages: chemical reagents for water treatment for industrial processes, purification of drinking water from surface sources, as well as industrial and domestic wastewater;
  • sludge dewatering: decanter centrifuges, filter presses, geotubes;
  • effective water treatment: chemical reagents (anti-scalants, inhibitors, biocides, etc.);
  • ensuring reliable transportation of various media: fiberglass piping systems;
  • zero liquid discharge technology.

To confirm the feasibility of introducing new equipment and / or technology we perform a simplified feasibility study for internal use with a simple payback period in the following areas:

  1. Modernization of power-consuming equipment.
  2. Modernization of the circulating water supply system.
  3. Modernization of the air supply system.
  4. Construction of a new facility with selection and justification of equipment efficiency.

We are also ready to develop a feasibility study for external use with the involvement of our partners: for example, to justify investments in accordance with a technical and commercial proposal or to confirm the investment attractiveness of the project.

To implement these process steps, we have a full range of appropriate equipment in the
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