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Earth Hour and our new initiative

Earth Hour and our new initiative

60 minutes of darkness

On Saturday, March 27, according to tradition, the Earth hour passed. The concept of this most massive environmental action on the planet is to turn off the lights for the whole world for 60 minutes. The goal is to attract attention and stimulate interest in the problems of climate change, light pollution, etc.

Our mission is to protect the environment

It’s no secret that we all want global changes as soon as possible, but the main thing here is to start. At least with small steps. Or even small steps, because there is no small help. We have installed special containers in the office for collecting waste paper and used batteries.

Some numbers

1 battery pollutes about 20 square meters of land or 400 liters of water with heavy metals, but 1 ton of waste paper saves:

  • 10 trees;
  • 1000 kW of energy;
  • 20,000 liters of water.

Our nature is our home. Let’s keep it together!