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Energy-saving technologies for water treatment plants. The experience of Denmark

Energy-saving technologies for water treatment plants. The experience of Denmark

The water treatment plant in Aarhus, Denmark will be the first construction of this type in the world, producing 50% more electricity than it consumes. 

According to the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, a sewage treatment plant near Aarhus is undergoing a complete renovation to install a new technology that will turn the municipal facility into a full-fledged energy producer.

“When the station goes into full operation mode, it will produce 50% more electricity than it consumes. This has never happened, “- said in a statement of the ministry. The work of the new technology is based on the use of a special form of bacteria to filter contaminated elements from sewage, said the employee of the water channel of Orhus. 


The organic material is used (at the station) for wastewater filtration, explained in the article. Thanks to the use of a new form of bacteria, much less energy is consumed by the organic material during wastewater treatment. This means that waste can be used to produce gas and electricity, while for the cleaning process itself, energy consumption is reduced. 


By the way, Denmark plans to create up to 4,000 new jobs in the water sector and double exports from the sector by 2025.


Meanwhile, the company plans to become energetically neutral and CO2-neutral, at least by 2030. Not later than 2016, all treatment facilities that are part of the company must produce “green” energy for thermal and electric networks, and the above-mentioned sewage treatment plant will supply energy at competitive prices, the Ministry of Environment and Food said. 

The facility is planned to be used as a demonstration of technological progress for

Danish and foreign experts interested in energy optimization, as well as energy production.