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Reconstruction of aeration system at Minsk WWTP

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The task was to find the most efficient aeration system that at the same time meets the stringent requirements to replace the existing system in aeration tanks and make its reconstruction. Tubular aeration system was operated at the sewage treatment plant. Engineers of Aquaecology ALC proposed a high-performance disk aeration system AQUA-TOR produced by Ecopolymer. This aeration system has a high mass transfer characteristics and combines the advantages of the membrane disk aerator and performance of the porous tubular aerator. The main advantage is the presence of holes in the center of the aerator. In this way, the shape of the bubble plume is significantly different from the usual (the one that is formed in the disk aerator), the plume is not compressed, and vice versa it is even slightly divergent. This is due to air-lift effect. Due to this the air bubbles do not stick together and do not become larger. This helps to achieve higher rates of SOTE.

Another significant advantage is that the sludge mixture does not stale or settle under the aerator, thus providing good mixing.

The diameter of the TOR disk is 420mm. Due to this and due to the above-described performances characteristics of the aerator are three times higher than a standard 12 “disk aerator. Under performance, primarily, we mean the amount of dissolved oxygen in the feed per hour per m3 of air per liter and dipping. For this parameter, TOR aerator has no equal among aerators with rubber membranes.

We took all the necessary data, as well as the parameters that were needed to achieve to provide the most efficient solution. Our technicians carried out all necessary measurements and calculations. According to the results of calculations, we found that the AQUA-TOR aeration disk system not only helps to achieve the required performance, but is also highly economical.

An important aspect of the selection Aquaecology as a supplier was not only the delivery of equipment, but also its installation. We have successfully coped with this challenge: the existing system was dismantled, and then the new one was installed.

The set aeration system has already more than 3 years of successful operation, providing up to 30% energy savings.

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