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Reconstruction of mechanical dewatering section at Minsk wastewater treatment plant

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Every day Minsk produces about 500 thousand cubic meters of wastewater, which flow into soil system and then arrive at Minsk wastewater treatment plant (MWWTP). Sediment and secondary sludge formed in the process of wastewater treatment is dewatered on centripresses. Dehydration is required primarily in order to reduce the volume of sludge, and also to obtain dry cake. Dehydration reduces transportation costs and storage expenses, at the same time reducing harmful effects on the environment.

We started to work out the issue with the study of the existing situation at that time in the mechanical sludge dehydration section, flocculant and energy costs in the process of dehydration, as well as repair cost for existing equipment.

The solution was to use fundamentally new centrifuges Alfa Laval ALDEC G2-115, which have a high wear resistance and improved performance, allowing to process large volumes of sludge, and as a result customer gets cleaner fugate, minimum consumption of flocculants and dry cake.

The selected model ALDEC G2 gives more efficient processing of large amounts of sludge, at the same time giving the choice between increasing the capacity or getting dry residues at the end of the process. Any combination of these parameters is also possible.

In autumn 2013 the first piece of equipment was shipped to MWWTP as a test to confirm the stated characteristics and functions. One of the challenges that our engineers faced was to integrate new machines into existing automation system at MWWTP.

In the process of assembling and start-up we met some difficulties: during the process of integration of frequency converters in the control system it became necessary to install a new version of control system software, and to adjust additional configuration operation of all functions of frequency converters; our engineers successfully coped with the situation of incorrect transmission of signals in the board placed in the section room.

During the fall of 2015 another three ALDEC G2-115 Centrifuges have been successfully put into operation showing a much higher capacity compared to previous generations of decanter centrifuges. This means that the final dewatered sludge becomes drier and thus the customer has an increased capacity of each machine with reduced production costs.

G2 has the lowest installed capacity compared to all currently available decanter centrifuges for sludge dewatering. This means extremely low energy consumption, cost-cutting becomes more tangible when the electricity rates increase. Decanter centrifuges ALDEC G2-115 functioning at MWWTP save money of the enterprise and your money not only by cutting the direct costs connected with sludge handling , but also by the operation of efficient equipment.


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