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Taldycol lake recultivation project turning it into recreation area (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Full description

Our company offers its decisions not only on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, but also in the CIS countries and abroad. One of the important projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan is participation in the project of reclamation to convert it into a recreational zone (Astana).

Lake Taldykol has been branded as the most “malodorous” lake of Astana. It has been tasked by the Government of the city to clear the lake and to purify the surrounding area. It was decided to apply the dehydration system using geotubing and application of flocculants.

For the selection of the most efficient product it was necessary to take samples from different points of the lake and conduct laboratory tests. Our chemical engineer, using the world’s leading manufacturing reagents and our partner BASF took all the necessary samples selected and tested products. As a result  the product that fits the most to the requirements of the project was selected.