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Zero liquid discharge technology

One of the solutions that we use to protect the environment by improving the efficiency of urban and industrial infrastructure is zero-discharge liquid (ZLD) systems. These systems reduce the amount of liquid waste to zero,resulting in water of the required quality for reuse. Thus, only solid salts or dehydrated sediments are formed at the output. In addition, it is possible to extract valuable components and sell them to compensate for costs. A striking example is a mining enterprise: salt (NaCl) is extracted from wastewater and the treated water is reused in the technological process.

We offer a wide range of technical solutions:


  • the brine concentrators;
  • vaporizers;
  • crystallizers.

To get the optimal solution, the above technologies can be combined with other equipment: ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization and ion exchange. For example, the general scheme of modern refinery treatment facilities is as follows:

Mechanical cleaning → biological cleaning → installation of reverse electrodialysis or reverse osmosis → zero liquid discharge system (salt residue and crystallization).

Also in demand is the technology of flaking – a special form of crystallization of certain substances (for example, NaOH), which allows you to get the finished product in the form of thin flakes. In turn, they are much easier to dissolve, transport and store than conventional crystals.

We are ready to develop a technical solution in accordance with the characteristics of your company’s wastewater, flow rate and requirements for the final product.

To implement these process steps, we have a full range of appropriate equipment in the
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