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20 years in the market of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. And that is just the beginning!

We are 18 today!

We are 18 today!

Aquaecology celebrates its 18th anniversary!

Dear Colleagues, Customers, Partners, the Aquaecology team is happy to share the coming-of-age holiday with you! We have hundreds of completed projects under our belt, and thousands of them are ahead of us. We feel your support and try to bring as much benefit as possible to society and the environment every day.

Not for a moment does our team deviate from the mission and philosophy of the Company, understanding that the activities of Aquaecology are important for each of its participants.

December 3 is not just a Thursday for us. This Is the birthday of a Company that is willing and able to create value for others. Congratulations to the Owner of the company Vladimir Plavsky, Director Alexander Tereshko, employees who are professionals in their field, and everyone who has been and remains with us. We value everyone! Thank you, friends!