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Waste-free water demineralization

The ion exchange-based waste-free demineralization technology from ARIONEX-FERTARMIX enables the production of high-quality demineralized water by desalting pre-prepared water from a surface source.

The environmental and economic effects are due to the fact that the waste water from demineralization is not released into the environment but is returned to the technological process and used as a raw material in the production of complex mineral fertilizers.

The FERTARMIX process is similar to a conventional ion exchange process. It applies to:

  • cationic and anionic filters;
  • chemical regeneration stations;
  • reservoirs of source and prepared water.

This technology involves the use of pre-prepared water which can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Traditional deposition and filtration technology.
  2. By the method of membrane ultrafiltration.

The electrical conductivity of the water as a result is 5-30 microns/cm, which is usually not sufficient for the use of this stream as feed water for high-pressure boilers. In this connection, the final post-treatment of the prepared water is required, which is performed using the mixed ion exchange technology MIXCAT (regeneration with HNO3 and KOH) or electrodeionization technology (EDI) where the concentrate from EDI is returned to the technological process.


When compared with conventional ion exchange technology, FERTARMIX is more cost-effective, since instead of the traditionally used alkalis and acids – NaOH, HCl or H2SO4-ammonia NH3 and nitric acid HNO3 are used which after the purification process is completed are returned to the production of mineral fertilizers in the form of ammonium nitrate and other valuable components. The payback period is 1-3 years.

Compared to the reverse osmosis process which produces 20-25% of concentrated salty wastewater FERTARMIX technology is completely waste-free.

To implement these process steps, we have a full range of appropriate equipment in the
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